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Adobe Fresco is basically a drawing and painting focused app built mainly for the latest stylus and touch devices such as pads focused and developed for drawing. Its range consists of Sense i-powered based watercolor and the oil brushes. We call them live brushes in this software which is something that anyone who is passionate and who is professional about drawing will love this.

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These tools are very useful for this. This software is focused on painting, sketching, and watercolor paintings which makes art on the iPad more natural than ever since. It’s still in beta version, but it’s already a stunningly polished app with much more functionality and user interface which is very reliable and compatible.

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When it is first announced it is said that the new drawing and painting app for professional creatives and artists at Adobe Max 2018 version, its code name was Project Gemini. The eye-popping preview was very interesting and appreciated and it impressed many design software fans. Now, after ten months later, the main moment has arrived: The launch of Adobe Fresco is made which is its official app name. At least in featured beta form of Adobe Fresco. The interface is so much clean and neat and intuitive.

Since its launch, it has opened a world of the design. Its live brushes have prominent advantages over real paint brushes while still providing users an experience that is remarkably feasible. The entire application integrates with all other software from Adobe Inc, including Photoshop and Illustrator mainly.

Its PROS includes:

  • It is Free
  • Realistic painting and watercolor on tablet devices
  • Simple interface
  • Integrates with Photoshop and Illustrator software.
  • Its CONS includes:
  • Just available for Apple iPad and Apple Pencil at this time.

Features of Adobe Fresco:

  • Essential Equipment
  • It is currently available for use on the Apple iPad.
  • Using Adobe Fresco with Photoshop and Illustrator
  • Adobe Fresco for iPad App
  • Adobe Fresco Brushes
  • Live brushes
  • Raster brushes
  • Vector brushes
  • Eraser tool
  • Painting and blendin

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