Audacity (Audio Editor) free For Windows with Key

Audacity Audio Editor:

Audacity is a free software which is very easy to use. It is a multi-track audio editor software and recorder for the operating systems like Windows, macOS, Linux and other common operating systems. The interface is available in many languages.


Audacity is a free to use software, which is developed by a group of the volunteers and is distributed under the GPL (General Public License).

Free software are not just free of cost for example Google chrome. It is free as its in freedom i.e. free speech. Free software gives you the freedom to use the software for the study purpose like how it works, how we can improve it and share the information with others.

 Audacity is called as an open source software, because its source code is free to use for some purposes and is available for to study or use it under the copyright guidelines.

Its Initial release date is May 28, 2000 which is  20 years ago.

Available in 36 languages. Written in c and c++.
Size is
62.8 MB for Windows

82.2 MB for macOS

Features includes:

  • Record the live audio.
  • Record computer playback on any Windows like Vista or later systems.
  • Converts the tapes and the records into digital recordings as well as the suitable formats for CD or DVD or for other data sharing
  • Gadgets.
  • It Edits the: WAV file AIFF file FLAC file MP2 file MP3 file Ogg Vorbis sound files and many other file formats.
  • Formats like AC3, M4A or M4R WMA

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