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Firefox is a Web accessing browser which is smaller and faster and in some ways. It is more secure than the browser Mozilla which is its parent. From which much of its code is derived and then altered. If we compare it to Internet Explorer which is the most popular Web browser among its users, Firefox gives its users a cleaner and simpler interface with faster download speeds as compared to all other browsers. In November 2008, Firefox had about 20% of the total market share for browsers throughout the world and Internet Explorer had about 70% of it.

Firefox includes in its features which are already known by the user. Other browser also have these features. At first version, it included all that common features in addition to the some new features which are new for the users. Which includes bookmarks toolbar, tabbed browsing that allow a user to quickly switch back and forth between several Web sites that are opened at that time. All other browsers adopted many of these features but Firefox’s developers continues to create different and all new plug-ins that increased usability, simplicity and the functionality of the browser. Scripting controls such as the java and ActiveX can easily be unselected during installation of Firefox, which ensures better security. Its 2.0 version was released in October, 2006. It has 4.26% of current market share.

The latest version have the following functions:

  • mail component named as “Thunderbird”
  • quick link to the Google and other search engines
  • its ability to search multiple search engines at a time
  • simpler user interface
  • Improved and extended tabs functionality
  • Improved search of different search engines
  • Spell checker
  • Password management lock wise
  • Customized tool bar
  • Easy tab switching
  • Media shortcuts
  • Zoom in zoom out
  • Better performance
  • Porn filter for children
  • Smart screen shot
  • Secret tweak interface
  • Fast downloading
  • Better security
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