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Foobar2000 is also very often abbreviates as fb2k. Download foobar2000 software because it is license and secure. It is a free software for audio player for the operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, iOS and Android os. It is develop by Peter Pawłowski. This software is known for its highly rich design, ton of features for windows and Ios. And substantial user flexibility in installing and configuration. Just take for example, the user-interface is completely customizable. And the standard skin elements are easily customizable and can be individually changed or entirely replaced with different options. It includes dials and buttons in it, as well as visualizers are also available such as

  • waveform
  •  oscilloscope
  •  spectrum
  • Spectrogram
  • peak
  • Smoothed VU meters.

Its extensive software development kit short formed as SDK allows all third-party developers. Enough power to completely replace the interface of it.

Origin of foobar2000 :

Its Developers are Peter Pawłowski and many other contributors. Its Initial release was made available on December 20, 2002. Which is almost 18 years ago from now. Its Stable release which is 1.6.2 was released on October 22, 2020 almost 2 months from now. Preview release was 1.6.2 beta on October 16, 2020 almost 2 months ago using foobar2000 Windows Ios. It is Written in C++ language. Its Platform which are Supported are

  1. Android,
  2. iOS,
  3. Windows Phone,
  4. Windows NT,
  5. macOS

Type of the software is Audio player. The License is Freeware for everyone. This is the great and amazing audio tool. The best part of it is to secure your system, machine and devices from viruses as compared to others because of secure features and licensed. You guys also download for the smart phone just simply go to the playstore as Android users. And Mac user on Apple store and type foobar2000 and download the latest version.

Key Features:

At its core, it supports range of audio formats which including

  1. MP1,
  2. MP2,
  3. MP3,
  4. MPC,
  5.  AAC,
  6.  WMA,
  7. Ogg Vorbis,
  8. FLAC / Ogg FLAC,
  9. ALAC, WavPack,
  10. WAV,
  11. AIFF,
  12. AU,
  13.  SND,
  14. CD,
  15. Speex,

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