MAMP & MAMP-PRO 4.2.0 Crack for Windows & Mac [Latest]

Introduction to MAMP:

MAMP Crack: is software which installs all local server environments on your macOS or Windows computer in just a blink of aye. MAMP comes free of cost for everyone, and is very easy to install. MAMP software will not compromise any of the existing Apache installation which is already running on your machine by default. You can install following software for relative purposes. Apache and Nginx and PHP and MySQL for mac OS and Windows If at some point, MAMP is no longer needed by user, he can just delete the MAMP folder and everything on machine returns to its original state which states that it does nothing to the actual system. Local DNS Server Nano is best if you want to test your projects on mobile devices. 


It is a Software which allows its users to install a local server environment on their own machines. It is available for almost every operating system, including Mac and Apache and MySQL. For Windows you must have installed WAMP. For Linux Operating system LAMP, along with Apache, MySQL, and PHP applications. Word Press also runs on this software. 

Following are steps to install MAMP on your system. It allows you to run wordpress on machine.

Installation system Requirements:

The following specific requirements must be full filed before installation:

  • OS Version must be Apple OS 10.10.5 or later versions.
  • Mac system which must have 64 Bit CPU (INTEL)
  • You must be login as Administrator.

Here’s how you install MAMP?

  • Download MAMP from official website for free. 
  • Open setup file than follow the prompts to install the MAMP software.
  • Open the icon for MAMP in your applications folder which you got after installation. MAMP gives you both the paid and the free version by itself.
  • If you want to check for MAMP PRO every time you open MAMP, then click Launch MAMP icon.
  • Once you have installed MAMP app dashboard will be opened, now you can select the gear icon for ‘Preferences’ in it.
  • In ‘Preferences’ screen, please select the ‘Ports’ tab and then click Set Web & MySQL ports option to 80 & 3306 and then click ‘OK’. By doing this, you can access your local websites from http://localhost which can resolve a lot of your issues.

You have installed MAMP now, now it is ready to use.

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