FrostWire Download 2020 version Crack

The software FrostWire is a great application base on peer-to-peer file sharing. Client that enables its user to quickly search and download. On its device millions of music, video and other files. FrostWire is very much similar to the previously very known, popular LimeWire but it is better then lime wire. It’s like a market one-stop shop for all music and video consumers and influences.

FrostWire is basically a free to use and it is an open source BitTorrent client software. Which was first released in September 2004, as a substitute of LimeWire. In early stages it was very similar to famous software LimeWire in appearance and functionality. But over the time  with updates the developers has added more features in it. Including support for the BitTorrent protocol which is very important. In its version 5, Gnutella network support was dropped fully, and at that time FrostWire became a BitTorrent specific client.

Its Initial release was made on September 2004 which is almost 16 years ago. Its Stable release was made on 6.8.4 on January 31, 2020. Which is almost 8 months ago which was the Preview release of FrostWire. FrostWire is Written in Java language. The Operating systems it supports are:

  • Windows,
  •  mac OS,
  •  Linux and
  •  Android

The size of the software is 23.0 MB just. The Type of its architecture is Peer-to-peer file sharing. Its License is GNU General Public License.

Its features include:

  • Magnet link is supported.
  • IPv6 is supported.
  • VPN Drop protection is available.
  • Create and seed a torrent according to requirement.
  • Preview Files from Cloud.
  • Search.
  • Media Library with Playlist Support is available.
  • Audio Player is available.
  • Video Player for only desktop.
  • Lyrics display support if lyrics are included in mp3 files only Desktop only.
  • Localized for 20+ languages is available.
  • Multi-platform including Android, Windows, Mac, Linux.
  • Media Browser on Android is available.

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