ManyCam: Webcam for Windows

ManyCam Web camera:

ManyCam is basically designs to resolve the issue of using the webcam of your device simultaneously with more than one software. It’s the only software for this purpose. If you have to work with more than one video streaming application then it is very useful. It controls the webcam of your device. Many features are available such as graphic effects and filters which you can use on your webcam. It is available for Mac and os. You can buy its license for a year or for a lifetime. First, it was free software but now you have to pay for it or you can use a cracked version. It is also available for android.


It is developed by Viacom Media Inc.

It’s Initial release date is March 22, 2006. Which becomes 14 years ago.

It’s Stable release was made in 6.6.1 Windows on August 23, 2018. which is 22 months ago. While for mac OS 6.5 on May 29, 2018. Which is 2 years ago.

It is Written in C++ language. Operating systems it supports include windows, mac OS, Android and many more.

It is Available in many languages such as

English, German, Japanese, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish and Russian.

It requires a lof of effort if you are Recording a video for tutorial or setting up a stream. ManyCam has a next level functionality in video broadcasting. It doesn’t requires access to webcam or the audio setup exclusively. Unique videos can be created by using its animation and effects. It has been downloaded over 80 million times.

Features of ManyCam:

  •  NDI.
  • Virtual Backgrounds.
  • Stream to Facebook & YouTube Live.
  • Green Screen (Chroma Key)
  • Virtual webcam.
  • Picture-in-picture.
  • Media Source Switcher.
  • 3D Masks & Effects.
  • Multiple video sources
  • Desktop screening
  • Web source
  • Video settings directly available
  • YouTube integration
  • Game streaming
  • Multiple channel broadcasting
  • Mobile app
  • Draw and test
  • IP camera
  • Video Playlist
  • Motion detection
  • Widgets
  • Toolbar

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