Get Windows Notepad [2022]

The software for text editing thatwindoes offers is notepad. This is one of the best text editing software Notepad. It is very simple and easy to understand. It is a basic text editing software. You can edit and create new documents. The initial release was in the form of a mouse-based MS-DOS program which was release in 1983. Since Windows 1, it was includes in all the versions of Microsoft windows.

Its original author is Richard Brodie. Developed by Microsoft. The operating system supported is Microsoft windows. It only supports plain text files through Notepad Microsoft. All other formats are not supports by it. It is a simple word editor, not a word processor. Additional features are included in the word processor. So if you need all those features use a word processor. Basic features on centering text of aligning them are not available in it.

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Features :

  • Common text editor
  • .txt extension reader
  • Less use of system resources
  • Search and replace option
  • Edit 8 bit text files
  • Edit Unicode files
  • Print files

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