Microsoft OneDrive Cloud Storage

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OneDrive is an absolutely free cloud storage and synchronization service offered by Microsoft. You can also store your files on OneDrive and thenĀ  access them from all of your devices like smartphone or PC or any other device that you use having relatively supported OS. With some generous and reliable amount of online storage and excellent integration with the Windows, it is surely a must use tool for every one.

The Microsoft OneDrive which was previously known with the name SkyDrive is a file hosting service and  the synchronization service which is offered by Microsoft as part of its web version of the Microsoft Office suit. It is First launched in August 2007, it allows its users to store backup of files and personal data like one Windows settings or BitLocker recovery keys in the cloud to avoid any loss, share files with others, and sync all your files across  all the devices like Android or Windows Phone or the iOS mobile devices, all versions of Windows and macOS machines. Users can upload  files or data or Microsoft Office documents to OneDrive very easily.

Available in 127 languages. Its Owners are Microsoft corporations.

URL using which you can access it is Its Alexa rank is

137,305. It is Launched on August 1, 2007 which is almost 13 years ago.

Features includes in OneDrive:

  • Versioning      
  • At first, OneDrive did not stores the previous versions of the files, except for the one Microsoft Office formats. While in July 2017, Microsoft OneDrive announced that version history support for all file types will be available from now.
  • Recycle bin

OneDrive offers a recycle bin, files the user chooses to delete are stored there for a limited time.

  • Download as ZIP files

Entire folders of yours can be downloaded as a single ZIP file with OneDrive.


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