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What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams for Windows is a platform where people can communicate with each other.  Teams are groups of people who are brought together for work, projects and share common interests with each other. Each channel has a topic like “Events”, a dept name, or just for common thoughts. Channels means where your meeting are held, have chats, and work on projects together. Now the question is. is Microsoft teams  free to use?

microsoft teams

Best things about Microsoft Teams:

Microsoft Teams is absolutely free to use, you can do unlimited chats, video and audio calls, and it also provide you with 10GB free storage for your team , and also 2GB space for personal storage for individuals. It is a collaborative tool which gives you a global experience of communication. You can schedule your group meetings and visitors can also check weather meeting is in progress or has ended yet. You can also invite your friends and colleagues using outlook or Gmail. Teachers and lecturers can also deliver their lectures at this platform.

Usages of Microsoft Teams:

Microsoft teams’ apps are also compatible with other Operating system like macOS, Android, iOS and Windows. Once you received meeting invitation you can join meeting using your account sign or by name. External access may be a way for Teams users from a whole external domain to seek out, call, chat, and found out meetings with you in Teams.

Microsoft’s recent Teams update included an inventory of latest apps available. Checking these always gives me a touch little bit of glee as I really like discovering new interesting productivity tools. One of the good things about Microsoft Teams is that regardless of what percentage different tools you employ, it becomes home for all of them and keeps everything aligned.

Microsoft Teams for Windows was built according to the recent needs of work. The methods that are used to communicate and collaborate has made intense changes during the few years; Rapid flow of data is much more important due to recent progress in the organizational work.

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