Safe Exam Browser (SEB) Download Latest Releases 2022

Safe Exam Browser:

Safe Exam Browser for Windows is a web browser which is mainly builds for providing the environment. To carry out online assessments with security. The software turns any of the device temporarily into a secure workstation. Just like which is install on exam taking system like computer or tablets. It controls access to all system functions and other websites, applications. And cancels unapproved activities and tasks during the exam. It is party browser and partly electronic work station. 

Safe Exam Browser

Safe Exam Browser runs on any of local computers. It is in connection with its respective learning management system via internet. Generally Safe Exam Browser works with any of the web based LMS. And other kinds of web based exam systems which are commonly used in institutions. Some examples for LMS are Moodle and ILIAS and OpenOLAT and exam solutions like Inspera Assessment offer a quiz mode. Which is specifically compatible with Safe Exam Browser.

Architecture on which its work:

Safe Exam Browser for windows is party browser. It works on kiosk architecture which are running on an examination systems. Like computers or tablets or other devices. The kiosk application exits the other computer applications, communicates using internet and the LMS is running using the server. Safe Exam Browser is available for windows, macOS and IOS (all supportive)

Downloadable link:

Download 3.1 version

Download 2.4 version

How to install:

Install the Safe Exam Browser from the link provided. Extract the file and install all the files in specific directory.

General Features of Safe Exam Browser for Windows:

  • A managed web browser, which you can configure using encrypted configuration files
  • Using specific hyperlinks, Safe Exam Browser can be starts from other web browsers. On any system and reconfigured individually.
  • Full screen mode is available or multiple browser windows. Which can be resized according to your need, browser tabs on iPad are available.
  • Safe Exam Browser detects whether it is running on a virtual machine. Created or a jailbroken device and can decline to start up.
  • URL filter which allows accessing only specific websites, pages or applications.
  • Certificate pinning so it can prevent middle attacks on the connection to exam server.
  • Spell checker and dictionary lookup option is disables by default, can optionally be allowed by LMS.
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