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What is Movie Maker?

Windows Movie Maker is an editing tool which is use for edit videos. It was develops by Microsoft.


It also provides you with the option to edit and create videos and publish on social media like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, YouTube. Its first version came with Microsoft window XP. It was discontinues and replaced by Video editor and photo edit app in January 2017. It is very simple and easy to use. The working of Windows movie maker is same like other videos editing tools. You can customize your video with it in few seconds in your timeline. You can add background music, change effects and also transitions. All you need to do is just capture video in your camera and have to import it in your device like desktop. Then you can combine your clips, add effects and transitions by using storyboard available in it. Then your movie is ready to share with your friends.

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Usages of Windows Movie Maker:

Its  layouts consist of two views storyboard view and a timeline view. In the storyboard view the videos is shown as moving picture string appearing each scene in clips. The storyboard/timeline consists of 1 ‘Video’ (with accompanying ‘Audio’ bar), one ‘Music/Audio’ bar, and one ‘Titles/Credits’ bar. In each bar, clips are often add for editing (e.g., a.WAV music file will belong on the ‘Music/Audio’ bar). Still images also can be import into the timeline and “stretch” to any desire number of frames. You can adjust your Volume of music according to your own  for example, the music volume are often lower for just a couple of seconds while someone is speaking.

The efficiency of the importing and editing process is heavily hooked in to the quantity of file fragmentation of the hard disc. The most reliable results are often obtained by adding an additional hard disc dedicated for scratch space, and frequently re-formatting/de fragmenting it, instead of simply deleting the files at the end of the project. AVI files can be fragmented end in playback on the screen, and make the process for much faster.

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